Don't give up

By K. Brøndsted

Kathrine Brøndsted Trio.

Live at Raahuset (Dk), 2019

.. It's not for you to figure out - it's not for you to conquer -

just lay your burdens down - and give in to my wonders ..

My troubled mind

By K. Brøndsted

Recorded at Råhuset feb. 2019

.. so it seems to be a good day after all - I just have to get back up each time I fall - and let go of my dramatic fear - and just be glad

I´m sitting here ..

Nyt Land

By K. Brøndsted

Recorded at Blågårds Apotek feb. 2019

.. må håbet være mit sejl og vinden være min bedste ven - må troen være mit spejl der viser vej ..

fb live. May '19.

By K. Brøndsted

.. it's what music can do - it turns my gray into blue ..